How To Clean George Foreman Grill

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How To Clean George Foreman Grill. The best way to clean a George Foreman grill is with a soft sponge and warm soapy water. Once the grill is cool take a soft sponge with mild soapy water and really wipe the inside of the grill being sure to wipe the edge where any fat as dripped.

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Use the plastic scraper that came with your George Foreman grill to clean the grill plates and lightly chip away chunks of fat and food left behind. The steam from the water will inevitably loosen up your food particles. Simply remove the George Foreman removable plates and drip tray and soak them in the water until all the debris has loosened.

Put Slightly Wet Paper Towels On Your Grill Remember that putting paper towels on your grill while it is still hot can lead to a fire.

Wipe again with a clean sponge with only water to rinse away any soap residue. If you are anything like us you probably have a George Foreman grill at home. Cleaning A Foreman Grill With Non-Removable Plates Step 1. If its been in use allow it to cool for at least 15 minutes.